Our Staff and Clincians


CBH employs exceptional licensed therapists and clinical staff. We have over twenty experienced licensed clinical and graduate social workers. In addition we employ board certified, seasoned psychatrists, and nurse practioners. Our staff also includes licenced teachers and a registered nurse.


​Our Administration


Late Chief Administration - Niru Jani, MD Obituary

Chief Administrator - Shyam Bhayani 

Medical Director - Sushma Jani, MD

Dr Sushma Jani is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and a Pediatrician. Dr. Jani trained in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry at Indiana University and Johns Hopkins University. She trained in Pediatrics at University of Maryland. She is board Certified General Psychiatrist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Pediatrician, Board Certified by American Society of Addiction Medicine, Certified Medical Review Officer and Diplomat of the American College of Forensic Medicine.


Management Team

Shyam Bhayani BA (Hons.) PGCE QTS- Chief Administrator
Brian Nickerson - Finance Administrator
Nakisha  Mills - Assistant Finance Administrator 
Lacy Gilbert MHA RN - Compliance Manager / PRP Site Coordinator 

Jamie Byrd - Human Resources

Sushma Jani - Medical Director - OMHC Salisbury 
Cortney Ireland - LCPC Site Supervisor - OMHC Cambridge
Lesley Todd CRNP- Site Supervisor - OMHC Centreville
Suni Jani MD - Site Supervisor - OMHC Columbia & OMHC Snow Hill 
Jordan Uhden - LCSW-C - Site Supervisor - OMHC Easton & OMHC Snow  Hill (transitioning) 
Cassandra Pinder LCPC - Site Supervisor - OMHC Chestertown (transitioning) 
Tina Carter LCPC, CAC-AD - Clinical Director Substance Abuse Mental Health Services 

Tina Carter, LCPC, CAC-AD - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clinical Director

Kathleen Maycock, LCSW-C- Senior Rehabilitation Specialist (Adult)
Patti Dudley LCSW-C  - Rehabilitation Specialist (Children)
Abbey Parker - LMSW - Rehabilitation Specialist 
Cassandra Pinder - LCPC - Rehabilitation Specialist 
Sydnie Butin - Rehabilitation Specialist (Columbia, MD)

Kasey Barlow, RN - Behavioral Health Home Director

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