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Community Behavioral Health offers psychiatry services to the deaf and the blind. 

Community Behavioral Health's Tele-Psych program is Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) compliant and done in collaboration with Gallaudet University. CBH also provides services to Dove Point and the Deaf Independent Living Association (DILA).


Professional Referrals: If you are making a referral from outside the agency, please call our intake line at 844-224-5264 ext 104 send a fax to 888-509-0010 with evaluations, current/previous treatment plans, medications, recent physical exam, lab work, and immunization records. You may complete a professional referral by clicking this link.

Personal Referrals: If you are a self-referring patient, you may speak to an Intake Team member at 844-224-5264 ext 104 or fill out the registration form found here.

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